Learning at ABIT JRDTIM is a synergy of unique teaching methodologies comprising of lectures, case discussions, seminars, presentations, group activity, business games, role plays, soft skills training, and field projects.

Live Projects: MBA in ABIT JRDTIM courses involve fieldwork where students interact with corporates and other institutions in course related live projects. The courses utilizing field based projects cut across the different academic disciplines. ABIT JRDTIM alumni mentor and occasionally commission the project work. In general, the group projects have proven to be excellent tools to bring class-room learning to life; to connect the students with their alumni and industry; and to give an experience ofthe 'real world' dynamics to the students, many of whomhave no prior industry experience.

Summer Projects: Every summer, first year MBA students undertake industry projects of 8 to 10 week duration on various functional areas of management on company premises. This paves way for a confident landing in corporate assignments after their MBA Program. Students are provided a good exposure to interact with professionals from the industry on different functional areas, which enhances their calibre to face corporate placements.

Value Education: ABIT JRDTIM believes in imparting an education for life along with an education for a living. As a step in this direction, the course Self Awareness and Personal Growth is an integral part of the curriculum for both years. This course provides an opportunity for holistic learning. It also involves the practice to tide over the demands of stress filled corporate life. The emphasis on values of course extends much beyond the formal coursework - it is reflected in almost every choice we have made.

Field Trips and Industrial Visits: Faculties take active interest on scheduling field trips to bring in a real-life experience of concepts being covered in class. These field trips may involve local industries and other public sectors.

With a continuous & dedicated thrust on quality education through Case studies, Management Games, Assignments, Brain–Storming session, Guest Lectures, Trade Fairs, which have been technically designed by eminent professors & being imparted by experienced teachers & trainers with a humane touch, JRDTIM is having a vision of becoming one of the leading Institutions in the Management field in future.

SEMINARS & WORK SHOP: Week end seminars in collaboration with Industrial experts besides National seminars and workshops are held for ready interface with Indusry culture.