Materials Testing Lab: - Strength of Materials Laboratory in which all Under Graduate students of Civil Engineering, undergo a mandatory course, is equipped with machines to test the basic properties of engineering materials like steel, copper, brass, aluminium, and concrete.

Fluid Hydraulics - The objective of the laboratory courses in Hydraulic Machines is to familiarise the students with the components and working principles of the Hydraulic machines- different types of Turbines, Pumps, and other miscellaneous hydraulics machines. Students study the performance characteristics of the machines under widely varying operating conditions in this laboratory

Survey work; - Students are encouraged to carry out ground work to understand the topography. Various surveying techniques such as chain, compass, plane table, etc in addition to contouring and levelling are taught in this lab.

Engineering Drawing:

This lab acquaints students with various engineering drawing aspects such as building elevation, side views, floor plans detaining of floor, window, door joints, types of roof trusses, etc.