Basic Electronics Laboratory:

This lab aims at familiarisation, identification, and testing of Electronic components like Diodes, Transistors (BJT & FET), Operational Amplifiers. Practical training on Amplifiers, Oscillators, Power Supply Rectifiers, Logic Gates, use of measuring equipments, e.g. Multimeters, Oscilloscope, Function Generator are taught. Students are also taught circuit connections using bread board.

Major Equipments at this lab are :Oscilloscopes, Function Generator, Universal Trainer Kit, Diode, BJT Characteristics Trainer kit, Rectifiers, Op Amp Trainer Kit, Amplifier Trainer Kit, Logic Gate Trainer Kit, Digital and Analog Multimeter.


Analog Electronics Circuit Lab:

Understanding of various electronic equipments, eg. Amplifiers, Oscillators, regulated power supply, active and passive filter multivibrator, etc are given in this lab.Stress is given to designing, implementation and testing of electronic circuits using bread board, power supply, etc.

Major Equipments at this lab are :Oscilloscopes, Function Generator, Universal Trainer Kit, BJT FET Trainer kit, Op Amp Trainer Kit, Amplifier Trainer Kit, Digital and Analog Multimeter and DC Power Supply.


Digital electronics Circuit Lab:

With the ideas of basic logic system, the various logic circuites, e.g., adder, subtractor, code convertes, multiplexer, combinational & sequential logic circuits are implemented by the students. Also using the simulation software like Xilinix, the different logic circuits are simulated and verified.

Major Equipments at this lab are : Digital and Analog Multimeter, DC Power Supply, Binary Counter trainer Kit, Code converter Trainer Kit, Multiplexure & Demultiplexure Trainer kit, Flip Flop Trainer Kit, Adder and Subtractor Trainer Kit, Shift register Trainer Kit and Universal Trainer Kit.


Communication Technique Laboratory:

This lab aims at helping students understand various Analog and Digital types of communication system with the help of relevant trainer kits. Importance is given to design communication equipments for which simulation software usage is encouraged. Students also verify different signals through Spectrum Analyser to have knowledge on the different types of signals.

Major Equipments at this lab are : Amplitude, Frequency Modulation & Demodulation Trainer Kit, TDM, PCM  Transmeter & Receiver Trainer Kit, PAM, PPM, PWM & QAM Trainer Kit, Delta Sigma Modulation & Demodulation Trainer Kit, ASK, FSK, PSK, DPSK & QPSK Trainer Kit, PN Sequence Generation Trainer Kit, Spectrum  Analyser, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Active & Passive Filter Trainer Kit and Dm & Adm Modulation Trainer Kit.


Digital Signal Processing Lab:

This lab helps to understand various signal processing techniques and algorithms with adequate number of advanced computers and software MATLAB. Students get an oppurtunity to develop algorithm and implement through MATLAB DSP Processors like TMS 6713 and TMS 320c50. Students utilise the lab facilities for their minor and major projects during their graduating year.

Major Equipments at this lab are : TMS320c50 Based Trainer Kit (Micro 50eb), TMS320c50 Based Trainer Kit (Micro 50lc), TMS320vc5410/5416 Pge Trainer Kit, TMS320vc33 Based Trainer Kit and Personal Computers



Microprocessor and Micro controller Lab:

Various programs are implemented by using 8085, 8086 Microprocessor, 8051 micro controller, Interface 8255, 8253, 8257, 8251. D/A, A/D Converter, Stepper Motor Control, Temperature Control, Traffic Control Technique are implemented through Micro Controllers.

Major Equipments at this lab are : Microprocessor Trainer Kits, Microcontroller  Trainer Kits, Microcontroller Programmer & Devlopment System, Intel 8253 ,8255 ,8257 Based Addon Cards, Serial Communication Interface Card, ADC & DAC Interface Card, Traffic Light & Elevator Simulator Card
Stepper Motor Control Card, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope and PROM Programmer Card