Laboratory of Computer Science
There are Six Computer Laboratories in the institute and One Computer Architecture Lab. The computer laboratories are furnished with 406 client systems and Three Servers.

We have Internet connectivity from BSNL of 6 MBPS as well as additional 10 mbps for faculty members and campus WiFi.

Software Availability:

ABIT has partnered with Microsoft, Oracle and IBM for availability of state of the art software packages from these companies for use at the computer science department. All required softwares that will be used in course curriculum are plentily available from these partnerships.

In addition, the following additional software packages have been procured for catering to needs from time to time.

Operating System :- (i)DOS 6.22(ii)Windows Me (iii)Windows 2000(iv)Linux. (v) windows-XP
Compilers :- FORTRAN, Pascal, C++, COBOL, Visual Java, FoxPro, Visual Basic.
Packages :- Ms. Office-2000, Auto-CAD, 3D-Home Arch., MATLAB

Networking :

•Structured cabling with Ten 24 port Manage Switches.
• Firewall with Antivirus software
•D-Link ADSL2 Router
•10 Nos. of Access Points
•Windows-XP, Win-Me & Linux based computers connected in a LAN configuration.
•We have also Printer, Floppy, Mother Board Trainer Kit for Computer Architecture and Hardware Laboratory.

Windows 2003 based System: SERVER:

System Model - Porlitant DL180 G5
BIOS – Network MBA v10.4.6 Slot 0900
Processor – Intel Pentium Xeon (4 CPUS)-2.5GHz
Memory – 1024MB
HDD – 146 GB SAS
MB – Master G200c (Server Engine)
NIC – HP NC 105 : Pcie Gigabit server adapter

Linux based System: SERVER
System Model - Porlitant DL120 G5
BIOS – HP 022 1.08.00
Processor – Intel Pentium Xeon (2 CPUS)-2.33GHz
Memory – 1024MB
HDD – 160 GB

300 systems connected as clients to the windows 2003 server & Linux Server.
406 systems with P-IV 2.0Ghz processor, 20GB HDD, 256 MB SDRAM, 17" color Monitor, 1.44MB FDD., with CD or DVD Drive.

Miscellaneous Equipments:

(i) 2 KVA U.P.S X 6.
(ii) 0.75 KVA(external battery) UPS.
(iii) 56 kbps Modem(Internal)
iv) 1 HP 610C Inkjet Color Printer
(v) Digital Camera
(Vi) HP Scanner.
(vii) CD-Writier(11 Nos.).
(viii) .5 KVA(UPS) (32 Nos.)
(ix) CD Drive (40 Nos)
(x) 1 1 KVA(UPS) (1 Nos.)
(xi) Central AC-20tons (4 Labs)
(xii) 1.5 Ton AC (4 Nos.)
(xiii) Sevo Stabilizer-10KVA(3nos).
(xiv) LCD Projector
(xv) Projector
(xvi) 200nos of .5KVA UPS